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- Upgrade to the whole series of FemmePowered Masterclass 2-3

This is a 2-month immersive, interactive online workshop with Coach Rezza. This program is designed exclusively for women. It combines new, powerful insights and groundbreaking learnings about women that are never-before taught in other personal development and self leadership courses.  

What You Will Learn: 

▪ Understand better the Inner Power Blocks that cause women to have feelings of being stuck or stopped in one’s career, lovelife, relationships or one’s life direction 

▪ Know about the 8 Key Areas of a Woman’s path to achieving true Fulfillment, and discover which one relates most you 

▪ Tap into your deepest, authentic desires that give light to your highest potential 

▪ Learn how to activate 3 Powerful Centers to breakthrough your inner glass ceilings and go beyond one’s limited boundaries 

▪ Uncover a unique and more meaningful way to experience authentic self-love and connection with others  

What You Will Experience:

▪ Series of three (3) 2-day immersive, interactive workshop exclusively designed just for women in Feb, Mar and April  

▪ Series of Group Coaching Sessions 

▪ Femmepowered Women’s Personalized Welcome SWAG 

▪ Exclusive Workbook 

▪ Culminating Empowerment Ceremony 

▪ Limited 24-Hour Only Bonus: Attend the 24-Hour Global Premiere of IMPACT - the Docu-Drama on Coaching (Jan 22-23 viewing exclusive!)  

BONUSES When You Sign-Up

▪ BONUS! Private One-on-One Coaching Session with Coach Rezza (worth P10,000) 

▪ BONUS! 30-day Complimentary access to the RISE UP: The 5AM Club 

▪ BONUS! E-Book of Coach Rezza’s book “Freedom to be Me: Overcoming the inner Blocks of Shame, Lack and Being Alone” 

▪ BONUS! First edition release of “Freedom to be Me” with author’s autograph 

▪ BONUS! Membership to the Femme Power Masterclass Facebook Group 

▪ BONUS! Invitation to join Coach Rezza’s future Femme Power Programs at a 

  Special VIP Rate  

Program Value

▪ Series of three (3) 2-day immersive, interactive workshop = P75,000 

▪ Series of Group Coaching Sessions = P70,000 

▪ Femmepowered Women’s Personalized Welcome SWAG = P3,000 

▪ Exclusive Workbook = P 800 ▪ Culminating Empowerment Ceremony = P5,000 

▪ Limited 24-Hr Only: Access to the 24-Hour Global Premiere of IMPACT 

   – the Docu-Drama on Coaching (Jan 22-23 viewing exclusive!) = Priceless 

▪ BONUS Private one-on-one Coaching with Coach Rezza = P 10,000 

▪ BONUS 30-day Access to RISE-UP: The 5AM Club = P2,200 

▪ BONUS “Freedom to be Me” eBook = P200 

▪ BONUS First Edition Print of “Freedom to be Me” = P500 

▪ BONUS Membership to Femme Power Masterclass Group = P5,000 

▪ BONUS – VIP Rates to Coach Rezza’s Femme Power Programs = P50,000